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Solving Hard Water Problems with the Flow Right Water Softening System

Flow Right offers customers in Pueblo and Colorado Springs hard water softener system installation, repair, and maintenance. Whether you’re looking to test the water quality of your household or install a new water filter, we have you covered. 

Believe it or not, the texture of your water is very important when it comes to having high-quality water supplied to your home. That’s why we are excited to introduce you to our water softener installation services- to take care of any hard water problems your drinking water may have. 

We offer water softening services at affordable rates to the Flow Right family that solve one of the most “hard” problems you may encounter in your home- hard water. A water softener is a whole house filtration system that removes calcium and magnesium from your water supply.  

Getting your water quality tested is a great way to tell if you need water treatment for your home’s water!

Water Softeners for Whole House Filtration

Hard water creates calcium and magnesium deposits to build up in your water supply. Home water softeners work to remove these through ion exchange, a process where calcium and magnesium ions are replaced with sodium ions.

There are three components to your water softening system: a mineral tank, a brine tank, and a control valve. 

Step 1: The Mineral Tank

The water softener system starts when filtered water flows into the mineral tank, where resin beads attract positively charged calcium and magnesium ions in order to swap them out for negatively charged sodium ions. 

Step 2: The Brine Tank

The brine tank regenerates the electrical charge of the ion exchange resins so that your water softener system works at full capacity. 

Step 3: The Control Valve

The control valve is responsible for controlling the cycle of the system. This is dependent on the quality and quantity of the freshwater coming into your household.

There are four types of water softening equipment available to you: the semi-automatic system, automatic system, demand initiated regeneration system, and off-site regeneration system. 

Don’t know the difference? That’s what we’re here for! Our team of experienced technicians will analyze your water quality and home structure to determine the best system for your individual needs.

The Easy Answers to Your Hard Water Questions

How does hard water affect my household appliances?

Hard water can ruin household appliances and contribute to unnecessary long-term expenses. 

Based on 2009 WQA research, the expected lifespan of an electric water heater is about 13 years. If you have hard water running throughout your household, the lifespan of your electric water heater is shortened to 6 years. 

Similarly, the expected lifespan of a gas water heater is shortened from 11 years to 5.5 years when calcium and magnesium are an issue in your water supply. 

That’s HALF the life expectancy! We would be more than happy to install a new water heater for you. However, we always do our best to maintain your appliances for optimal performance to extend their lifespan.

Hard water can also corrode pipes and cause water spotting, meaning more plumbing services are needed. These are just a few ways that investing in a water softener now saves you money in the long run.

How does hard water affect my family’s health?

Hard water that comes out of your faucet and shower can cause dry skin and hair. This is especially harmful to people with sensitive skin as hard water can exacerbate pre-existing skin conditions. 

Pro Tip: A warning sign that you have hard water is if there is a filmy residue left on your hands after you wash them.

Not only can hard water lessen the quality of water coming from your showerhead, but it affects the quantity as well. The holes of your showerhead will be the first to clog as mineral deposits start to build up. 

This isn’t to mention the effects it has on your skin and hair. Instead of spending money on specialty products, fix the problem at its source.

There are many more problematic symptoms of hard water, impacting bodily functions like bone health, and high blood pressure. If you want to learn more about why you should get a water softening system, check out these 15 problems hard water can cause

Do water softeners reduce Perfluorinated Substances (PFAs) in my water supply?

PFAs are man-made contaminants that are dangerous to human health. There are a wide range of PFAs that can cause pregnancy complications, developmental delays, and thyroid disease upon consumption. To look into the long list of health effects these contaminants cause, click here. 

Water softeners are not effective at removing PFAs from your water supply. However, a Reverse Osmosis system reduces these contaminants at 90% efficiency. Residents of Widefield, Security, and Fountain are at high risk of consuming PFAs – water testing in these areas shows PFAs eat a level 20 times higher than recommended by the EPA.

If you are in need of filtration services specific to PFA removal, contact Flow Right today to talk about the steps you can take. You can also learn more about filtering Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) from your water supply by following this link to Flow Right’s Guide to Colorado Water Contamination

Quick Facts and Stats on Water Softeners

Fact: Flow Right services evaluate the hardness of your water supply according to American national water standards. According to the Water Quality Association, soft water is defined as having less than one grain of hardness per gallon (gpg). 

Fact: A sign that you may have hard water is if your laundry is coming out stiff and scratchy. Not only may you have to replace your laundry unit because of hard water problems, but your entire wardrobe too!

Fact: Your Flow Right water softener system will last up to 15 years. That means you don’t have to worry about stiff laundry, bad tasting water, or spending extra time cleaning dishes with mineral deposits for the next 15 years. 

Fact: According to General Ionics of Oklahoma, hard water problems create millions’ of dollars worth of failed household appliances annually. 

The Flow Right Reputation

We pride ourselves on providing superior customer service to homeowners in the Colorado Springs-Pueblo region. Flow Right customer Kathi Crago offered her praise to technician Daniel for his excellent work on her kitchen appliances on the eve of Thanksgiving. 

“Daniel was courteous and did a fantastic job,” she said. “His customer service was great which I cannot say enough about! I am grateful for his workmanship and integrity.”

Flow Right is well informed about the science behind water filtration. We offer informative and trustworthy sources on hard water to our customers so that you can make the right decision about your potential new water softener system.

Flow Right: Making Water Softening Simple

We don’t mean to brag (that much), but out of Flow Right’s many awards, we are proud to call ourselves a two-time Inc 5000 award winner. Since 1982, Inc 5000 has honored the fastest-growing companies throughout the nation. 

As we continue to expand our business, we hope you will choose to join the Flow Right family for your household filtration needs. Our water softener system will improve your family’s quality of life for years to come. Call to make an appointment to start the process of understanding your home water quality.

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Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson
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Our AC stopped working a year after installation. We spoke to the company that installed it and had another company come out to look at it. Both said there was nothing wrong with it and we were told to use thinner filters. After several years of being miserable over the summer months and thinking we were crazy, we decided to try one time with a company we hadn’t used before. We called FlowRight and they were able to come out and see us on short notice and more importantly, they were able to accurately identify the problem and fix it. Joe was amazing. Very knowledgeable and willing to tell and show you what he was doing. They came out after hours and had our AC up and running within the hour. They were very reasonably priced as well. My biggest regret is not calling them sooner.
Kristin Kelley
Kristin Kelley
Google Review
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Best in home services provider experience ever. I've had plumbers, contractors, and electricians in my home. Never have I had a better experience. The Flow Right plumber was super professional and personable. They did a wonderful job and I won't hesitate to call them again. The price was on point as well. Thank you!
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