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Boiler Repair Near Me

Flow Right Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is a full-spectrum provider for heating system repairs in Colorado Springs, Fountain, Security-Widefield, Pueblo, and surrounding areas. We have a certified and licensed team ready to provide heating and cooling repairs on residential and commercial equipment whenever you need us. This includes boilers, heat pumps, ACs, swamp coolers, RTVs, fan coil units, makeup air units, chillers, walk-in coolers, etc.

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Does your boiler system need to be repaired? Dealing with a boiler issue is not pleasant when it is winter. That is why Flow Right prides ourselves on providing top-tier customer service no matter the weather. Schedule an appointment today.

Boiler Repair
Residential Boiler Repair

Boilers provide a number of benefits to commercial buildings.So, it is critical to keep your commercial boiler running at peak effectiveness and efficiency. That is why it is important to have annual maintenance from a commercial HVAC specialist. We can help you catch any potential repair needed before it becomes serious. Contact Flow Right to schedule your inspection today. 

  • Better Indoor Air Quality
  • Long Lifespan
  • Fewer Repairs
  • Even Heating 
  • Hydronic (or Radiant) Heating

Boilers use a fairly simple methodology for providing heat evenly throughout a building. Using hot water, and sometimes steam, to increase the temperature of an object like the floor allows heat waves radiating off of it to heat other objects and people in the room. 

Boiler Installation

Looking for boiler installation near me? We at Flow Right have an extensive portfolio of local customers that have trusted us to get their boiler installation job done right the first time. Our team can design and install every type of boiler system you may need, including electric, gas, and oil boilers. After we have completed your install, it is important to contact Flow Right for routine maintenance and inspections required by manufacturers to maintain their factory warranty.

Boiler Inspection

Some of our preventative maintenance packages include boiler inspection services that are performed by our highly qualified service technicians.

Every inspection includes tests and a thorough checklist of points in your boiler system that can naturally degrade over time. If portions of the boiler need to be cleaned or replaced your Flow Right technician will inform you before taking care of the problem. 

Our team always abides the laws and regulations while repairing your boiler system. Keeping your boiler in compliance with local residential and commercial regulations is important to us.

Common Boiler Repair Needs

Boilers normally come with fewer emergency repair situations than a furnace. However, boilers can malfunction and that is why it is important to have a professional conduct consistent inspections.

The most common boiler repair services are water leaks. They can occur for various reasons and it is important to call Flow Right if you see water pooling around the boiler’s tank.

Water pressure spikes are the second most common boiler repair service. Normally, sediment build-up is the reason why pressure increases, and this can cause damage to the expansion tank, or the water can overheat. Listen for a rumbling sound inside of the tank to determine high water pressure.

Affordable plumbing, heating, and cooling system maintenance in your home will help prevent costly repairs. Flow Right’s Affordable Annual Maintenance Plans provides you the peace of mind that it was done right the first time.This includes boiler repair and replacement, expansion tank repair and replacement, pump repair and replacement, and hydronic line leaks repair and replacement.

How Does a Boiler Work?

Boilers normally use a carbon-based fuel for combustion to produce heat energy. Gas boilers use electricity to open the gas valves so that combustion fuel can enter the system through small jets.

Once set alight, the gas produces heat that is then taken in by the heat exchanger tubes in order to heat the water in the boiler. An electric pump inside of the boiler helps circulate water through the radiators and pipes inside your building.

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Boiler Repair Near Me

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Deb Borchelt Werler
Deb Borchelt Werler
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Flow Right was a positive experience from talking to Susan who was nice and efficient getting Greg Martinez here quickly. He took care of the problem in no time, showing me all that he did to make sore I was satisfied. The price was right too. Flow Right earned its place as #1 plumbers in pueblo
Shelby Lynn
Shelby Lynn
Facebook Review
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Darlene was an amazing help with keeping me updated on when the Tech (Greg) would be to my house! Paul was also an amazing help to help figure out what was the problem with our hot water heater!! Over all I would definitely recommend this company and I would be calling them back for future business!!
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