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Evaporative Cooler/Swamp Cooler Repair and Maintenance Services


Evaporative Cooler/Swamp Cooler Repair and Maintenance Services

Flow Right is your leading local provider of evaporative cooling services, from swamp cooler installation and replacement, to annual cooler maintenance and repair services. Whether scheduling an appointment for repairs on a rooftop swamp cooler, seeking help with common swamp cooler maintenance or simply getting a bid for installation, our licensed and experienced HVAC technicians can have you feeling cool as a cucumber fast.


What is a Swamp Cooler?

A swamp cooler, also known as an evaporative cooler, is a form of home cooling used in arid climates as an alternative to portable or central AC. The origins of the phrase “swamp cooler” aren’t really well known. One theory is that evaporative coolers got the nickname because they can develop a mildewy, damp smell if they are not properly maintained. Despite the nickname, a swamp is the last place you would want to be if you’re relying on a swamp cooler for beating the heat. They cease to be useful once the humidity hits 70%, making them “dry heat” equipment.

How Does an Evaporative Cooler Work?

The best way to understand the function of an evaporative cooler is to compare it to the natural cooling system of our own bodies. When temperatures outside get hot, our bodies release moisture (sweat) to our skin to help us begin to cool off. Even better, they use the energy from that uncomfortable heat to do it.

When moisture evaporates from the surface of our skin (liquid converts to gas), our bodies begin to cool. This is the result of the endothermic reaction. This is a very simplified explanation, but it’s a good setup for how an evaporative cooler works.

An evaporative cooler functions in a similar fashion. Hot and dry air is pulled into the system from the outside and blows it across soaked cooler pads located in your equipment. Evaporative cooling pads are continuously wetted from a reservoir that is filled with your home water supply.

As the hot air blows across the pads, the water on the surface of the pads begins to evaporate, cooling the air in your system before it is pumped out into your home. Like your body, a swamp cooler uses an endothermic reaction to cool your home, absorbing heat energy to power the conversion from liquid to gas.

Evaporative Cooler Brands We Service

  • Hessaire
  • Bonaire
  • Champion
  • MasterCool
  • Honeywell
  • ComfyHome
  • Evapolar

Swamp Cooler vs. AC

The advantages and disadvantages of evaporative cooling vary depending upon your needs. Some homes may benefit more from installing an air conditioner instead. This brief breakdown can help you make a more informed decision. 

Swamp Cooler vs. AC

The advantages and disadvantages of evaporative cooling vary depending upon your needs. Some homes may benefit more from installing an air conditioner instead. This brief breakdown can help you make a more informed decision.

Swamp Cooler Air Conditioner
Sample #1 Row 1, Content 1 Row 1, Content 2
Sample #2 Row 2, Content 1 Row 2, Content 2
Sample #3 Row 3, Content 1 Row 3, Content 2
Requires Water Hookups Yes No
Works in Humid Areas No Yes

Why Choose Flow Right for Evaporative Cooler Services?

Flow Right Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric is a professional-grade, family owned and operated provider of critical residential and commercial home services in Southern Colorado. Our mission is to serve every city with award-winning customer service and we pride ourselves on having the experience and industry know-how to get the job done right the first time.

  • Licensed HVAC technicians
  • Contractor A & B Licenses
  • Plumbing and HVAC technicians continuing education programs
  • Background checks and drug testing
  • Over 25 years of industry experience
  • Fully Insured
  • Bonded
  • Best of Pueblo
  • Colorado Companies to Watch
  • Best Workplaces
  • BBB Excellence in Customer Service Award

Common Evaporative Challenges We Can Help You Solve

  • Replacing old swamp coolers
  • Swamp cooler not blowing cold air
  • Winterize swamp coolers
  • Repair swamp cooler water lines
  • Swamp cooler leaks
  • Installation
  • Replace or clean evaporative cooler pads
  • Roof swamp cooler leaking onto roof
  • Replace evaporative cooler with AC
  • Outdoor swamp cooler overheating
  • Evaporative cooling system too humid
  • Evaporative cooler thermostat not working
  • And other swamp cooler services.

FAQs About Evaporative Coolers

Is a swamp cooler more affordable than an air conditioner?

A swamp cooler can be a more economical option when it comes to managing your summer energy bills. They require less energy to perform and use the equivalent of a shower’s worth of water (or less) to operate

Can my swamp cooler cause mold?

Unfortunately, yes, swamp coolers can grow mold or cause mold and mildew to form in your home. Evaporative cooling pads must be maintained regularly to ensure they have not become mold vectors. Within your home, an overabundance of humidity can lead to moisture buildup on the walls that leads to mildew, fungus and mold growth. Regular maintenance and an annual inspection can help you prevent these issues from happening.

My evaporative cooler is leaking. What should I do first?

The first thing to do is shut down the swamp cooler and shut off the source of the water if it is safe to do so. The next step is to call a professional. Do not attempt to DIY when water and electricity are operating in tandem. An experienced HVAC professional can help you safely repair the issue.

Do evaporative coolers work in high humidity?

Evaporative coolers lose their effectiveness once the humidity hits 70%. One of the reasons that swamp coolers work so well in Colorado is that it is so dry here. There’s a reason that they are also known by the far more accurate name “desert coolers.”

Which brand has the best evaporative air cooler?

There are a variety of reputable brands offering efficient evaporative air coolers. The right model for another person’s home might not be right for you. Ask your HVAC technician for tips on selecting the best equipment for your home. You can also conduct your own research using.

Does Flow Right offer swamp cooler services near me?

Flow Right provides swamp cooler repairs and service to residents throughout Southern Colorado, including: Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Monument, Woodland Park, Peyton, Widefield, Security, Trinidad, Widefield, Canon City, Salida, Colorado City and many more locations. Call us today to find out more.

Trust the HVAC Experts with All of Your Heating and Cooling Needs

Flow Right has the expertise and experience you need to tackle any heating and cooling task you have on your honey-do list. Give us a call today to set up an appointment for a swamp cooler inspection or to request an estimate. We look forward to hearing from you.

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