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Needle-Point Bi-polar Ionization – The Next Generation Air Filter

For many of us, we believe that our best line of defense when it comes to the air quality inside our homes is the good old air filter. This couldn’t be further from the truth! Air pollutants aren’t limited to the outdoors, and for people who suffer from seasonal allergies, or who battle respiratory illness, there are options that take the standard air filter to the next level. One of these options is to install a whole-home air purification system.

A customer who has been there

J. Roybal is a Flow Right customer who recently made the leap from air filter to air purification, and he and his family have experienced the benefits first-hand. “In the fall of 2019, an HVAC company tried to convince me that an air ionizer would significantly improve the air quality in my home. My wife had consistently complained of allergies when sitting in our basement family room and the family doctor finally told us that my 4 year old son had asthma. I had nothing to lose and a lot to gain if I could help my son and wife, so I relented and had the ionization air cleaner installed.”

Mr. Roybal and his family noticed immediate benefits. “My wife and I were pleasantly surprised when her allergies in the basement immediately disappeared. Since the installation of the unit in the house, my son has had only one asthmatic episode, despite having caught 2 or 3 regular colds from daycare that would have normally sent him into an asthmatic spiral. The one asthmatic episode was very brief compared to what they used to be, even though it was caused by a case of RSV that he caught at daycare.”

Like many of us, the Roybal family contends with pollutants, bacteria, and viruses that are brought into the home from the outside. “My wife works in a middle school and both of my kids are in daycare, so they are constantly bringing home different colds. When they have come home with colds, I have personally been able to avoid getting sick by sleeping in the basement during their sicknesses and have only come down with one of their colds since the air cleaner has been installed.”

Given the current coronavirus environment, the air purification system also provides Mr. Roybal with extra peace of mind. “Between my wife’s job and mine, we come into contact with a large swath of people who are themselves in contact with large numbers of people, so we are at relatively high risk for exposure to COVID-19. I am confident that if either one of us has to self-quarantine in our house, that we will be able to do so without worrying that we are spreading COVID-19 to our children through the air ducts in our home.”  

“Whether it is COVID-19, flu, the common cold, allergies, bacteria, mold or dust, I am happy to have this air ionizer providing a layer of protection in my home that is keeping my family healthier and allowing them to recover more quickly when illness comes from the outside.”

(J. Roybal)

What will an air purifier do for me?

Air purifiers, or air cleaners, like the ones installed by Flow Right, help to provide a healthier environment for you and your family. It does this by reducing the recirculation of viruses, bacteria, and mold in your home. Systems like the iWave-V used by Flow Right, which is the same system that Mr. Roybal installed in his home, reduces these contaminants not only in the air, but also on home surfaces, where many contaminants tend to settle. This is especially beneficial If you or someone in your home suffers from allergies, is asthmatic, or has a compromised immune system.  

Source: iwaveair.com

What will an air purifier do for me?

Not all air purifiers are created the same, which is why Flow Right recommends systems like the iWave-V. One way in which the iWave-V is different from other systems on the market is that it cleans the air without creating ozone, as many other systems do. That’s a win-win! So how does it work?  A system like the iWave-V Air Purifier is installed onto your existing central air or forced air cooling system.  Installation needs to be done by a licensed HVAC or electrical contractor, but takes less than an hour to complete.  As the air flows past the iWave-V, positive and negative ions actively purify the supply air, killing mold, bacteria and viruses in the coil and living space.

Source: iwaveair.com

These units are also highly energy efficient, which means that the operational costs are kept low, especially when compared to other types of air purifiers. Between the endless benefits, ease of installation, and low maintenance costs, this approach to air purification offers peace of mind that will serve you and your family for years to come. If you would like to know more, please contact Flow Right Plumbing, Heating, & Irrigation.

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