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Hydro Jet Hotjetting Services

Hydro Jet Hotjetting Services in Pueblo and Colorado Springs

Slow drains, clogged sewer lines and backed up bathtubs are a thing of the past with hydro jet hotjetting services from Flow Right Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric. Plumbing issues like clogged sinks and overflowing toilets are messy, unsanitary and frustrating for both homeowners and business owners.

Hydro jetting offers a powerful, non-toxic way to clean and clear your drains so your plumbing can perform at its best. Flow Right is a leading provider of hotjetting services in Colorado Springs, Pueblo and many other areas in Southern Colorado. We offer regular and emergency plumbing calls, including hydro jet drain clearing.


What is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting uses a trailer mounted sewer jetter to clear clogs, tree roots, sludge and tubercles from your drain pipes using the power of hot (or cold) water. Water is pumped into the affected drain using specialized hoses that attach to the trailer-mounted sewer jetter parked outside the home or business. Highly pressurized water is pumped into the pipe using the jetter attachment.

As with a traditional pressure washer, the water pressure in a jetter burrows, dissolves and chips away at the clog (or build-up), destroying it so that your drains can operate effectively. Flow Right’s equipment offers a PSI of 3,850 +/- at a rate of 10 gallons per minute, which is effective against a variety of clogs, debris and build-up. Hydro jetting can utilize both cold and hot water, although hot water is better at dissolving grease. Many home and business owners prefer it to traditional drain snaking due to its speed and safety.

What Can Hydro Jetting Do for Your Plumbing?

There are many benefits to hydro jetting your pipes. From emergency use to practical maintenance, this reliable, safe service is an effective tool in the effort to preserve and protect your pipes. Even better, it uses no harmful

  • Clean out gunk and build-up: Slow lines, especially sewer lines, can cause a lot of problems. Blasting through the sludge and build-up helps your drains run smoothly every time.
  • Remove powerful clogs: Don’t waste your time with caustic chemicals, plant killing salts or other dangerous products. Hydro jetting clears your drains with a pressurized burst of water that pulverizes tough clogs.
  • Destroy tree roots: Tree roots are the scourge of sewer pipes, especially in older neighborhoods with outdated pipes and established trees.
  • Hotjetting destroys roots that have invaded your pipes, killing them without harmful chemicals that can ruin your yard and kill the tree.
  • Leave pipes sanitized and clean: Flow Right offers Total-C drain line treatment to further ensure the insides of your pipes have been scrubbed clean and fresh. Total-C is completely safe for the environment, using active enzymes, citrus liquefiers and “sludge-eating bacteria” to give your drains a more pleasant smell. 
  • De-ice frozen lines: Thawing frozen drain pipes can be a difficult task – especially if pipes are located underground or in hard-to-reach places where warming equipment cannot fit. Hydro jetting attacks the problem from the inside out, clearing the ice and opening up the pipe once more.

What Type of Pipes Can Handle Hydro Jetting?

The age and condition of your pipes can affect the effectiveness of hotjetting services. However, Flow Right plumbers have found that the service can work on a variety of pipe materials. Your technician will examine your pipes with a camera to ensure that they are capable of handling the force of the water during treatment. Hydro jetting will work on:

  • Cast iron pipes
  • PVC
  • ABS
  • Some clay pipes
  • Some Orangeburg pipes

Why Choose Flow Right for Your Hotjetting Services?

Flow Right Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric is a professional-grade, family owned and operated provider of critical residential and commercial home services in Southern Colorado. Our mission is to serve every city with award-winning customer service and we pride ourselves on having the experience and industry know-how to get the job done right the first time.

  • Licensed HVAC technicians
  • Contractor A & B Licenses
  • Plumbing and HVAC technicians continuing education programs
  • Background checks and drug testing
  • Over 25 years of industry experience
  • Fully Insured
  • Best of Pueblo
  • Colorado Companies to Watch
  • Best Workplaces
  • BBB Excellence in Customer Service Award

FAQ About Hydro Jetting Services

How long does hydro jetting last?

It takes years for sludge, tubercles and debris to build up in pipes. Sewer line jetting resets your pipes to good as new, giving you several years of clean drains before you need to consider servicing your drains. If you need a service call for hydro jetting to remove a clog or remove tree roots from sewer lines, that will also give the offending pipe an extra dose of cleaning power.

Is hydro jetting safe for old pipes?

Unfortunately, some pipes may be too old to withstand the force of a hydro jet drain cleaner. However, do not automatically assume that your pipes are too old without talking with a licensed plumber. One of our experienced technicians can examine your pipes using a video inspection and provide an honest assessment. Flow Right can provide alternative drain clearing services that are sensitive to the needs of older drainage systems.

Is hydro jetting worth it?

Yes, hydro jetting is absolutely worth it. It offers multiple benefits, like cleaning and sanitizing your drains, killing tree roots, removing clogs or clearing build-up from corrosion.

How long does hydro jetting take?

Hydro jetting can be an extremely fast process for smaller clogs or slow-downs. For larger clogs, drains with extreme build-up or drains with extensive tree root issues, your service call may take longer. We utilize cameras to give our best estimate for completion.

Does hydro jetting work on roots?

Hydro jetting is an excellent, non-toxic tool that destroys tree roots and flushes them into the sewer system. Jetting sewer lines is safer and more effective than many chemical treatments and it won’t cause damage to your yard.

Can hydro jetting damage cast iron pipes?

Hydro jetting will not damage your cast iron pipes, but it might expose pre-existing damage. The corrosive build-up in cast iron pipes can sometimes hide holes or weaknesses in the pipes. When we conduct a de-scaling or clog removal in a cast iron pipe, we monitor progress with a camera to ensure we don’t create new issues for our customers.

Does hydro jetting really work?

Yes, hydro jetting really does work. You can clean and clear your pipes with pressurized water. Flow Right uses a leading drain jetting machine designed to accommodate pipes from 2 inches to 1 foot in diameter. We are extremely proud to provide this service to our customers because we know it will get the job done right.

Can hydro jetting damage pipes?

As noted above, hydro jetting can damage pipes – which is why it is so important to hire a professional who knows what they are doing. Our technicians use cameras to examine your pipes before we perform any work. If they believe your pipes can be damaged by the process, they will suggest a suitable alternative. We want to protect your plumbing, not damage it further.

How much does hydro jetting cost?

Give Flow Right a call to discuss hydro jet drain cleaning costs. Your estimate will be based on the severity of the build-up or clog and the time and labor it will take to remove it.

Does Flow Right offer hydro jetting services near me?

Flow Right offers service to Pueblo, Colorado Springs, Salida, Woodland Park, Canon City, Walsenburg, Trinidad, Colorado City, Peyton, Fountain, Security and many other areas in Southern Colorado.

Call Flow Right Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric for Professional Hotjetting Services

If you are thinking about sewer and draining cleaning for your home or business, give Flow Right a call. Our reliable crew of professional plumbers can get your drains running smoothly with our state-of-the-art sewer jetting equipment. We’ll help you get the job done right – Flow Right.

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