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Well, well, well… Why should you care about well water treatment?

Water that is sourced from a well can contain water contaminants including organic solids, nitrates, agricultural runoff, coliform bacteria, heavy metals, and Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) like PFOA and PFAS. Naturally occurring contaminants in water including arsenic and radon must be treated before they have the chance to enter your home.

Homeowners living well are fully responsible to conduct annual water testing. Your water quality report will most likely recommend you install a well water treatment system to provide your household with clean water.

A well water treatment system commonly consists of a whole house water filter, a water softening device, an RO system, and a UV purification system.

Well Water that Flows Right

Our experienced technicians highly recommend well water treatment technology to maintain the health and happiness of your home. Flow Right offers these innovative solutions to your water quality problems at a family-friendly rate. 

According to the EPA, well owners are responsible for testing their water quality, not local government.

Pro Tip: You can check out our water testing services to get this process started. 

Why Flow Right?

Flow Right is a Gold Winner in our industry. Our company is proud to have been voted “Best of Pueblo” since 2012. Not to brag, but when it comes to awards for company excellence, but we could go on and on

Flow Right customer Diamond S. praised our technician Greg for his excellent work ethic. 

“[Greg was] very knowledgeable, personable, and efficient,” Diamond said. “He definitely went over and beyond our needs! Would recommend [Flow Right] a thousand times over!”

Thank you, Diamond, and great job, Greg!

Addressing Problems with Well Water

Well water treatment is the solution to all the problems that present with well water. Here at Flow Right, our team considers themselves the experts on identifying issues that can come up with your water supply.

  • Water with a bad taste and odor

The quality of your water is influenced on the location of the well it is sourced from. When your well is next to an activity which produces pollution, like fracking, this could negatively impact the taste and safety of your water.

  • Hard Water

Hard water has a high mineral content of magnesium and calcium. These minerals cause calcification, a mineral buildup that is problematic for household appliances and the human body. Take it from the experts- the best system to treat hard water is a water filtration system combined with a water softener. 

  • PFOAs in Colorado Springs

PFOAs are the worst! 

PFOAs are extremely harmful water contaminants that must be filtered using a whole house filter. These contaminants have been showing up in higher concentrations around Colorado Springs, making it even more important that you act now to eliminate them from your water supply. 

There is only one system recommended by Flow Right to filter for PFAs, PFOAs, lead, and more, learn more about Water Contamination in Colorado here!

Need to Know Facts

Fact: Well water is easily contaminated. Lead, mercury, and arsenic are a few examples of contaminants that may be present in untreated home water. 

Fact: Homeowners on a private well should conduct annual tests for coliform bacteria and nitrates. It will cost anywhere from $10-$20 to test water for nitrate and bacteria at a private laboratory. Testing for pesticides and organic chemicals will be much more expensive. 

Fact: A whole house water filter will treat water so that it is safe to consume and use. It combines several different technologies to produce pure water. 

Flow Right helps optimize your filtration system according to your individual needs and location, providing you with a great filtration system and peace of mind when it comes to your water quality.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I need a well water treatment system?

You need a well water treatment system for many reasons. The most important one may be to keep your family healthy, but we have a long list of more reasons below!

I need a well water treatment system to….

  • Remove contaminants like chemicals, bacteria, and viruses from your water supply by using a reverse osmosis membrane to filter feed water
  • Improve the taste and smell of tap water your family consumes
  • Turn hard water to soft water using a water softener system
  • Protect the lifespan of household appliances by making sure you are washing your dishes with purified water
  • Protect the health of family members from waterborne illness using a UV water purifier

How can I protect my well water? 

You can protect your well water from contamination in many ways. In order to avert a water crisis, avoid the use of chemicals in the area around the well, regularly inspect the well for structural damage, and identify local contaminants.

Start planning your well water treatment system today!

Now that you understand how important it is to use a well water treatment system, it’s time to check out the Flow Right options available. 

When it comes to keeping your family and water safe, go with the pros. Go with Flow Right.

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Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson
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Our AC stopped working a year after installation. We spoke to the company that installed it and had another company come out to look at it. Both said there was nothing wrong with it and we were told to use thinner filters. After several years of being miserable over the summer months and thinking we were crazy, we decided to try one time with a company we hadn’t used before. We called FlowRight and they were able to come out and see us on short notice and more importantly, they were able to accurately identify the problem and fix it. Joe was amazing. Very knowledgeable and willing to tell and show you what he was doing. They came out after hours and had our AC up and running within the hour. They were very reasonably priced as well. My biggest regret is not calling them sooner.
Kristin Kelley
Kristin Kelley
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Best in home services provider experience ever. I've had plumbers, contractors, and electricians in my home. Never have I had a better experience. The Flow Right plumber was super professional and personable. They did a wonderful job and I won't hesitate to call them again. The price was on point as well. Thank you!
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