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Perfluorinated Chemicals (PFCs) Water Contamination in Colorado Springs and Pueblo

The introduction of Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS) and Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs) into the drinking water of Colorado Springs and Pueblo originated from the use of firefighting foam at Peterson Air Base in 2017. Flow Right offers solutions to Pueblo and Colorado Springs water contamination with our Reverse Osmosis Filters available for 24/7 installation by our team of certified plumbers.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) advises that PFAS chemicals do not exceed 70 parts per trillion (ppt). A federal study designed to assess Colorado Springs water quality measured PFC contamination at 1,370 ppt following the 2017 contamination. That’s twenty times higher than 2016 EPA regulations recommend!

Water Contamination in Colorado has become a focus of public attention, garnering national and local support to restore Pueblo and Colorado Springs water quality and protect Colorado’s precious groundwater supply. 

According to Water Education Colorado, The most common groundwater contaminants found in Colorado are nitrate, fluoride, selenium, iron, manganese, radium, and uranium. Some contaminants are naturally occurring while others come from the production of manmade chemicals or waste, such as PFAS and PFCs.

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What are Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS)?

Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl are a group of man-made chemicals that pose a range of health risks when consumed. These manufactured chemicals include Perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and Perfluorooctane sulfonate (PFOS). 

PFAS persists in the environment and human body for years without breaking down. In fact, the Florida Department of Public Health identified evidence that suggests this group of chemicals can remain in the human body for two to nine years

How can I be exposed to PFAS?

Since the 1940s, PFAS has emerged as byproducts of the manufacturing process. Companies in the United States like Stainmaster, Teflon, and DuPont offer products that release these chemicals in high quantities. These contaminants have become a silent partner in day-to-day life, creating many ways that an individual can be exposed to PFAS.

Products that commonly expose individuals to PFAS include water-resistant clothing, nonstick cookware, microwave popcorn bags, Gore-Tex clothing, as well as stain and water-resistant rugs or upholstery.

EPA Guidelines on PFAS

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released minimal regulations regarding the oversight of PFA production and disposal. This means that the testing and disposal of PFAS is unregulated. General health advisory guidelines recommend a maximum concentration of 70 ppt. 

The latest news from the EPA on PFAS is interim guidance on the best technologies to dispose of the contaminants.

The History of PFAS in El Paso County 

In El Paso County, CO,  water contamination first came into public attention when firefighting foam from Peterson Air Force Base leaked into the Widefield aquifer. This quickly led to Fountain, Security, and Widefield water becoming contaminated with a range of toxic chemicals in the PFC family. 

Where does Colorado Springs get its water from? 

80% of Colorado Springs water is sourced from the Fountain Creek Watershed. If you are a resident of El Paso County with well water, check out Flow Right resources on well water treatment.

Where does Fountain, Colorado water come from?

The water in Fountain, Colorado is sourced from the Pueblo Reservoir and four city-owned wells

The city of Fountain is currently planning the construction of a groundwater treatment plant in tandem with the U.S. Air Force. The mission of the city council regarding water safety is to provide a reliable water source to residents and businesses alike

Is Colorado Springs water safe to drink?

Flow Right advises Colorado Springs residents to conduct water testing to determine the best plan of action regarding water treatment. Our team of Master Plumbers can help to make this process smooth and simple!

The recent Colorado Springs Consumer Confidence Report published in 2020 documents a range of problems with the water supply. Flow Right offers water filter installation with these problems in mind. 

Problems with Colorado Springs water include:

Pro Tip: A RO filter can be installed under your sink to clear lead and PFAS from a household water supply.

The lawsuit in El Paso County on Behalf of Affected Individuals

If you are a resident of El Paso County who lives in the affected area indicated by the Fountain-Security-Widefield water contamination map, you may qualify to join the class-action lawsuit led by McDivitt Law Firm and Napoli Shkolnik Law Firm of New York. 

Visit El Paso County Water Contamination FAQ to request a free case evaluation by McDivitt.

Where does Pueblo water come from?

100% of the water used by Pueblo and Pueblo West residents is sourced from groundwater. Though there is no recorded history of recent water contamination in Pueblo and Pueblo West water, Flow Right recommends residents have their water tested and filtered.

What are Health Risks Associated with PFAS?

Pregnant women and children are at the most risk from exposure to PFAS, which are known to cause developmental delays and pregnancy complications. 

Health risks include:

  • Decreased fertility
  • Cancer
  • Thyroid Disease
  • Liver Damage
  • Decreased vaccine response in children

According to researchers, health effects may take years to present. A 2018 research study conducted blood testing of Security, Fountain, and Widefield residents affected by the contamination. Upon finding elevated levels of PFAS in their blood the team has decided to continue the investigation of water contamination in my area from Colorado PFAS.

How Colorado Homeowners Can Test their Water Quality

The Colorado Department of Public Health is not responsible for testing the water quality of private water systems – you are. 

If you are a homeowner whose water supply comes from a well, you are directly responsible for testing and filtering your water supply. Colorado homeowners can contact Flow Right for affordable water testing services. Pueblo County residents can find water billing information on testing services here. El Paso County residents on private wells can get water testing if they collect and deliver water samples to the County Public Health Laboratory.

What Filter Removes PFAS from Water?

Reverse Osmosis filters are the most effective technology to reduce PFAS from your water supply. EPA endorsed research has shown that the high-pressure membranes used in RO technology make them 90% effective in removing a wide range of PFA contaminantsAccording to NSF International, the RO system is highly efficient in removing the following additional contaminants: nitrate, arsenic, asbestos, selenium, fluoride, copper, and more.

Manage Water Contamination with Flow Right

Flow Right has a variety of water filters and filtration systems available to clean your tap water. A key part of our mission is to combat contaminated water in Colorado with the latest filtration technologies available.

Our talented team of technicians offers 24/7 service across Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and Pueblo West. Call today to ask about our RO technology available for installation. 

Colorado Springs residents can call Flow Right at (719) 569-7604.

Pueblo residents can call Flow Right at (719) 564-2101.

If you can’t get to the phone, visit our website to submit a contact form.

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