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Commercial Sewer Repair

Commercial Sewer Repair in Colorado

At Flow Right Plumbing, Heating and Cooling, we are proud to offer our commercial clients commercial sewer line repair services in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and surrounding areas. Our plumbing company serves all of Southern Colorado with award-winning customer service and 150+ years of combined experience in the field. We have the equipment necessary to quickly and correctly fix your sewer pipe. When you call this plumber we give you peace of mind that the job will get done right the first time.

Give us a call, or fill out the secure form. We will help you schedule an appointment so one of our technicians can go to your site and asses the state of your sewer. This sewer line inspection will help us diagnose the issue and determine the best course of action to fix it. Your sewer line repair cost will depend on what drain cleaning or sewer repair services are needed. After the inspection, our local technician will inform you of the problem and what caused it. They will also share how much it will cost to clean, repair, or replace the sewer line.

Common Sewer Line Issues

Flow Right provides a lot of plumbing services that involve drain cleaning and plumbing repair but that is not the extent of our expertise. We also offer sewer services, including sewer line cleaning, sewer line repair, and sewer line replacement. Our professional local plumbers have gone through our training program and have years of field experience. When they show up on-site, they come prepared with the knowledge and equipment to properly fix the following common sewer plumbing problems:

Leaking Sewer Lines

Experiencing a sewer leak on your main sewer line is oftentimes a stressful situation. It can be challenging to detect the leak in a timely manner. In the worst cases, property damage can occur from a sewer line leak that has gone unanttended for years. Whenever wastewater stands in one place and begins to pool over time from leaking sewer lines there is a health hazard in play. It is important to routinely have a sewer scope performed to make sure the integrity of your sewer is intact. Give Flow Right a call today to schedule your sewer line inspection.

Clogged Sewer Line

If you’re experiencing a main drain clog that means you need to call a plumbing company with the experience necessary to unplug sewer lines. If you’re operating a restaurant then you most likely have a clog due to the grease trap and Flow Right can help you address that issue with our hot water jetter. In other commercial and industrial buildings, there can be a number of food particles, waste, debris, and other foreign objects that can cause a sewer line clog. It is important to perform a sewer scope to determine how to fix the plumbing problem.


One of the major threats to a cast iron sewer pipe is called tuberculation. It is a form of corrosion that can negatively affect the inside of iron pipes. It is common to see cast iron sewer pipes that have been in use for over 100 years. During that time, the iron becomes oxidized by bacteria in the water flowing through the pipe which develops a form of ferrous oxide. 

This iron-oxidizing bacteria can build up in these old sewers and as they metabolize the iron pipes develop a brown slimy coating. The deposits left by the bacteria are called tubercles. It is necessary to use a disinfection strategy paired with a sewer jetter to clean out tuberculation in cast iron sewer pipes. At Flow Right, we have a top-tier hot water jetter that sprays the biological control solution combined with water through its high-pressure nozzle.  This process will flush out pipes and disinfect them at the same time.  

Tree Roots In Sewer Line

Tree roots in sewer lines can occur for various reasons. It is important to catch this nuisance before you loose water flow in your sewer line. If you’re living in an area where tree root invasion is common then we recommend having a sewer scope performed routinely. Doing this will help you prevent the invasion of roots in the sewer line. 

Can Tree Roots Cause Problem With Sewer Line?

Yes, absolutely tree roots can cause problems with your sewer lines. During drought conditions, roots can grow to surprising lengths in order to access water. If there is moisture coming from your sewer due to a small crack or hole then a tree root could penetrate your sewer line for survival. Once the smaller hair roots of the tree are inside the sewer they will expand in order to fully utilize this nutrition source. As the tree roots expand in length, width, and depth, they will begin to block water flow. 

How To Get Tree Roots Out Of Sewer Line?

For commercial sewer repair jobs that deal with the removal of tree roots from sewer pipes, it is important to know this issue will require consistent inspection and maintenance after we fix it. There are a few techniques we can implement to remove tree roots in sewer lines. The first is copper sulfate. This is a good option for early growth. This is also how we will prevent new roots from growing once we’ve cleared your pipes. 

The second option would be a mechanical cutting tool commonly known as an auger or a plumbing snake. This tool is like a saw blade that cuts the roots out of the pipe. The third method is using a hydro-jet to blast the roots out of the sewer pipes. The final and most invasive method would be sewer pipe replacement. Obviously, the ladder option isn’t our go-to and we would like to solve the clogged pipe using a less expensive and invasive method. However, the tree roots may have invaded the pipes so much that it will cost thousands of dollars to clear the line. In those situations, we recommend replacing the pipe with new sewer line technology that is tougher on tree roots.

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Margo K McCaulley
Margo K McCaulley
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Having a sewer backup emergency in the middle of the night, on a weekend was awful. Flow Rights 24/7 services saved us. The CS Rep was wonderful. A Tech, Jaime M, called within minutes! He was at my house and had the sewer cleaned out (tree roots) faster than I could have ever hoped. Jaime was kind, efficient and personable. I highly recommend!! Price was more than fair.
Stephen Hepford
Stephen Hepford
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I had Johal out to fix a broken pipe. He was very courteous and he got the job done in about an hour. He answered all of my questions and gave me some tips to avoid having the problem reoccur. I will definitely give referrals to my friends and family.
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