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The Science Under Your Sink: Reverse Osmosis Systems

Think back to high school, walking into chemistry class and seeing the lesson titled “Reverse Osmosis” written in sloppy handwriting on the chalkboard. Do you remember everything you learned about reverse osmosis? 

Hint: Reverse osmosis is a process that purifies water as it passes through a pressure-driven membrane. 

A Reverse Osmosis System combines cutting-edge technology with basic chemistry to clean the pollutants from your water. An RO system puts you in control of your water quality. This technology uses a reverse osmosis membrane to improve home water quality. This includes eliminating any bad tastes and odors from your water source that you’ve noticed, and many hidden safety concerns you probably didn’t. If it’s hard to picture that chalkboard, Flow Right is here to save the day and provide your family with fresh water.

Clean drinking water is important for homeowners in the Colorado Springs and Pueblo area. Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) such as polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) have been detected in Security, Widefield, and Fountain. Installing a reverse osmosis system could help protect residents in the area. You can also learn more about filtering Perfluorochemicals (PFCs) from your water supply by following this link to Flow Right’s Guide to Colorado Water Contamination.

Making Sure Your Kitchen Water Flows Right with an Under Sink RO Water System

Flow Right offers customers an efficient filtration system that applies the science of reverse osmosis to water filtration technology.

Our RO system is installed under your sink and pumps filtered water to your sink and refrigerator. Each of our available systems contains one or more of the following filters: a sediment filter, a carbon filter, and a semi-permeable membrane

A sediment filter works to remove visible dirt, debris, and rust from water molecules. 

A carbon filter eliminates bad tastes and odors from your water by filtering out chlorine, mercury, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Semipermeable membranes bar large molecules from entering your water supply while allowing beneficial ions and molecules to pass through. 

The Run Down on Reverse Osmosis

Fact: The average cost of installing a RO unit under your kitchen sink can range from $150-$500. The annual cost of a replacement filter can range from $60-$200. If you purchase a system with a higher number of filtration systems, you can expect the price to be higher as well. 

Fact: Your RO system is responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of water meant for ingestion. When it comes to cooking, making morning coffee, or grabbing some ice on a hot day, your RO system will work tirelessly to produce high-quality and safe drinking water. 

Fact: We think it’s important for you to know some of the key technical requirements an RO system must meet. 

Your RO system must be designed to prevent water stagnation. This will ensure a filtration system that always runs smoothly. 

In addition, your RO system is cleaned using disinfectant chemicals. Tests must be conducted to be certain these chemicals are completely removed from your RO filtration system before drinking water can pass through. Flow Right Plumbers and Water Treatment specialists will take on this task so you can rest assured your water is safe.

Fact: Reverse osmosis systems are highly effective forms of filtration that remove the following contaminants: sodium, chloride, copper, lead, fluoride, arsenic, nitrate, phosphorus, and Perfluorinated chemicals (PFCs) such as polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS). Also, RO systems are effective in removing bacteria and viruses from your family’s water supply.

Fact: Our last fun fact told you about all the contaminants an RO system removes. There is one parasite so problematic we feel the need to call it out by name- Cryptosporidium. According to the CDC, this parasite is the leading cause of waterborne disease among humans in the United States. It is highly resilient and lives in water treated with chlorine.

So, what water filtration system is strong enough to kill the parasite before it makes its way through your water supply? 

That’s right, the mighty Reverse Osmosis water filtration system. 

Now that you know the basics of RO technology, it’s time to explain how each step in the process works.

The Five Stages of Reverse Osmosis Explained

Five-stage water filtration systems are the most effective way to filter your water supply.

Phase One: The sediment pre-filter gets the filtration process going as water starts to flow through the system.

A pre-filter is installed at your home’s point of entry to move solid materials. This phase is very important because one of the drawbacks of an RO system is its susceptibility to becoming clogged. The pre-filter helps protect the lifespan of your filter by removing dirt and larger particles from your water supply. 

Phase Two: Say goodbye to bad-tasting water!

During this phase, your carbon filter is activated. The process of eliminating minerals that make water smell and taste bad starts now.

Phase Three: Don’t underestimate the power of the carbon filter!

The second carbon filter continues to target minerals like chlorine to completely eliminate them from your water supply. 

Phase Four: In this phase, the RO membrane kicks in to filter out dissolved solids. 

The RO membrane pressures water through tiny pores. This ensures all dissolved substances are eliminated from the water. An example of a compound removed during this stage is fluoride. 

Phase Five: Another carbon filter? 

Yes, during phase five another carbon filter is activated to make sure your water is nice and clear! This stage works to further improve the quality of your water so that it is safe for consumption.

Pro Tip: The Flow Right RO multi-stage filtration system lasts 10 to 15 years. We have RO filters available so that you can maintain the quality of your system, too! 

The Advantages of Reverse Osmosis

RO is energy efficient!

Believe it or not, your RO system doesn’t use any electricity. The process of distillation boils your water, using up a lot of heat and electricity in the process. Do your part to help out the environment! (Just saying… reverse osmosis wins over distillation every time!)

RO is highly effective at removing contaminants from your water supply. 

A reverse osmosis system removes 95%-99% of inorganic material like chlorine and copper. Often, the filter eliminates both bacteria and viruses. 

RO is easy to install and does not take up much space. 

Installing your new system will take an average of two hours. Maintenance is pretty easy, too. We recommend replacing your filter every six months depending on the quantity of water your family uses. 

Elimination of Perfluorinated Compounds (PFCs)

Polyfluorinated substances (PFAS) are man-made contaminants that dissolve in water. They are known to be particularly harmful to pregnant women and children, causing developmental delays and pregnancy complications. 

Peterson Air Force Base in Colorado Springs used firefighting foam on-site, causing Widefield, Security, and Fountain water wells to become contaminated by extremely high levels of PFOAs. If you are a local whose water comes from one or more of the 32 wells in the area – do not drink it.

Reverse Osmosis technology is extremely effective at eliminating PFCs from water. The EPA notes that they are over 90% effective at removing a large range of these contaminants from household water. If you are a resident of a Colorado Springs region affected by the PFOA crisis, contact Flow Right to have an ro water filtration system installed today. 

The Disadvantages of Reverse Osmosis 

Beware of clogged pores!

Your RO system filters water through tiny pores, which is why it is so effective at eliminating contaminants. However, this means that larger pieces of sediment may get trapped in the membrane and clog it. Something you can do to lessen the likelihood of this problem is to install a water filtration system with carbon or sediment pre-filters.

Remember to replace your filter cartridges!

Flow Right understands that our customers are often busy with their families and jobs. That’s why it is important to set a six-month reminder to replace your RO filter so that your water can stay fresh. 

Warning: RO is almost too effective!

It is known that the reverse osmosis process is highly effective at removing contaminants from your household water. 

However, it is also highly effective at removing beneficial minerals like calcium and magnesium. This means that your family should substitute these minerals in the form of separate food and drink intake. 

We’ve heard some rumors being spread about RO systems. That’s why we would like to recommend customers take a look at Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water: The Myths and the Facts to cut through the slander and get straight to the facts. 

Distillation vs. Reverse Osmosis

So, what is the difference between water that has been distilled and water that has gone through reverse osmosis? Great question!

To be clear, reverse osmosis water is not distilled. Distilled water has not gone through reverse osmosis, either. 

Reverse osmosis filters your water to make sure the minimum amount of sediment and contaminants enter your water supply. Water travels through a series of membranes in order to purify your water.

The process of distillation begins with boiling your supply of feed water. Once boiled, the condensation is re-captured and condenses back into water. Boiling the water kills bacteria, yet does not remove impurities like minerals. 

When you are searching for a system to filter your family’s drinking water, an RO system is the way to go. Reverse osmosis produces larger quantities of purified water than distillation. Distilled water is commonly used for appliances and equipment rather than drinking. 

A company and technology you can trust

Reverse osmosis works to produce pure water. This technology is used in several capacities by the FDA, including for desalination, treatment of wastewater, and the purification of water

The FDA trusts the technology so much that it is considered capable for production of Water For Injection (WFI) in pharmaceutical settings.  In fact, the use of RO filtration is favored over distillation when it comes to WFI standards. 

Yes, even your doctors agree that RO filtration is up to medical standards.

This trusted technology is brought to you by an equally trustworthy team of plumbers, HVAC technicians, and staff at Flow Right. With over 25 years of industry experience, Flow Right brings you quality products at a quality price.

We are proud to share Flow Right customer Kristin Keiley’s review of her experience with the Flow Right Team. 

“This was the best in-home services provider experience ever,” Kristin said. “I’ve had plumbers, contractors, and electricians in my home. Never have I had a better experience.”

Kristin also had kind words for her technician on the job. 

 “Mike Lauricella, super professional and personable,” she said. “Flow Right did a wonderful job and I won’t hesitate to call them again. The price was on point as well. Thank you!”

Thanks for the five stars, Kristin! 

RO Technology: The Science Under Your Sink

Now that you know all about the science under your sink, it’s time to send a thank you to your high school chemistry teacher.

The reverse osmosis filtration system is a great way to maintain the cleanliness of your family’s drinking water. Flow Right offers this cutting edge technology at a great price to make sure you have high-quality water in your storage tank.

So, for your newest RO system, go with the pros. Go with Flow Right. 

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Rebecca Johnson
Rebecca Johnson
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Our AC stopped working a year after installation. We spoke to the company that installed it and had another company come out to look at it. Both said there was nothing wrong with it and we were told to use thinner filters. After several years of being miserable over the summer months and thinking we were crazy, we decided to try one time with a company we hadn’t used before. We called FlowRight and they were able to come out and see us on short notice and more importantly, they were able to accurately identify the problem and fix it. Joe was amazing. Very knowledgeable and willing to tell and show you what he was doing. They came out after hours and had our AC up and running within the hour. They were very reasonably priced as well. My biggest regret is not calling them sooner.
Kristin Kelley
Kristin Kelley
Google Review
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Best in home services provider experience ever. I've had plumbers, contractors, and electricians in my home. Never have I had a better experience. The Flow Right plumber was super professional and personable. They did a wonderful job and I won't hesitate to call them again. The price was on point as well. Thank you!
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