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Excavation Jobs


Excavator Jobs in Colorado Springs and Pueblo

Are you looking for excavator jobs in Colorado Springs or Pueblo? Flow Right Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric has openings for qualified professionals and entry-level excavation jobs in both of our Southern Colorado locations.

Excavation is a critical component of much of the work that we do here at Flow Right. We are entrusted with carefully unearthing critical infrastructure that supports homes and businesses in our communities. Additionally, there are many projects that simply cannot be performed without our highly valued excavation technicians. If you are looking for a career in a company where your skills will be valued and respected, we are looking for you.

Click here to find open excavator jobs in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Flow Right Excavation Job Opportunities

Flow Right offers the following excavation job opportunities to applicants:

  • Excavation Internship
  • Excavation Apprenticeship
  • Field Superintendent Jobs
  • Excavation Project Manager Jobs
  • Excavation Jobs
  • Civil Estimator Jobs
  • Civil Construction Jobs

Why Should You Work at Flow Right?

Flow Right is a leading home services company in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. We pride ourselves on providing a positive work environment with opportunities for career growth within the company. Without our highly skilled team, we would not be able to provide our customers with much-needed services. We strive to develop professional relationships that are founded in mutual respect and a deep appreciation for all that you do. In addition to our friendly and professional work environment, Flow Right provides:

  • Competitive & stable salaries
  • Incentive pay programs
  • Benefits for full-time employees
  • Full-time and part-time opportunities
  • Support for advancement within Flow Right
  • Continuing education
  • Support for obtaining certifications
  • Positive work environment
  • Advanced training within every level of trade
  • Expansive training in quality customer service and other applicable interpersonal skills
  • Friendly employees
  • Dynamic teamwork

Excavation Job Benefits at Flow Right

Flow Right offers the following benefits to our full-time employees:

  • Dental
  • Life insurance
  • Medical
  • Sick time
  • 401(k) plans with up to 3% matching
  • Incentive pay programs
  • Paid holidays
  • Paid time off packages

Excavator Job Description: General Duties

Excavation is one of the most diverse opportunities provided at Flow Right. Are you seeking a dirt excavator job/tenching job, an excavation foreman job or an excavation laborer job? We have new opportunities opening up as our team grows and expands our services.

While the duties for these roles may vary, your general duties will remain the same. You will work on a variety of projects for both old and new construction throughout Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Excavators must perform their duties with extreme care to ensure there is no damage to property or underground utilities.

Excavator Apprenticeships and Excavator Internships

Are you looking for an entry-level excavation job such as an excavator internship or apprenticeship? Flow Right is invested in creating skilled excavators for this in-demand industry.

Paid Internships

Flow Right’s paid internships provide aspiring tradespeople with skills training in multiple trades – including the field of excavation. In addition to on-the-job training overseen by experienced and professional tradespeople. Training also includes in-depth training in customer service, workplace safety and healthy work environments.

The best part of obtaining a Flow Right internship is that we pay all of our interns a fair wage for their time. We do not believe in exploiting aspiring tradespeople for free labor. Our interns play a valuable role in our company and provide real support to their mentors.

We want every aspect of your start into the trades to be a positive experience. That includes being compensated as you put in the hard work to learn your trade and serve our customers.

Learn more about our paid electrical, HVAC, excavation and plumbing internships on our skilled trade internships page.

Paid Excavation Apprenticeships

Flow Right provides paid excavation apprenticeships. Training includes hands-on excavation experience under the supervision of experienced professionals in varying stages of their excavation career. Depending on the chosen area of the field, you may be able to achieve specific certifications and further education to advance your career, including licensure assistance. Excavation apprentices will gain experience operating various types of equipment, including heavy equipment operation/construction equipment.

Excavation apprentices are trained in customer engagement, heavy equipment operation, OSHA requirements and much more in addition to excavating skills. Flow Right also hires many of our apprentices as journeypeople after they achieve their certifications. Learn more about our excavation apprenticeships here.

Frequently Asked Questions About Excavation Jobs

How much do excavators make?
Check out our jobs page to find the most up-to-date pay scales for each open position at Flow Right.
Is excavation a good job?
Yes, excavation is a great job for the right candidate. This position is in high-demand, particularly in cities with constant development such as Colorado Springs or Pueblo.
Does Flow Right offer excavation jobs near me?
Flow Right offers excavation jobs in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.
What certifications do I need to work at Flow Right?
Your certifications will depend upon your excavation role within the company. Entry-level excavator/operator jobs may have different requirements than civil construction roles. The job description section of our job listing page will have further information on certifications or years of experience required for each role.
Does Flow Right offer continuing education for excavation technicians?
We will help our excavation crew achieve any necessary certifications or qualifications to perform in their role at Flow Right. Some examples of these certifications are Osha 10 CertificationTrenching and Excavation Safety CertificationConfined Space Training, and more.
Does Flow Right have part-time excavation jobs in Colorado Springs and Pueblo?
Check our jobs page for more information about our available positions.

Start Your Career with Flow Right as an Excavator!

Start the next phase of your excavation career with Flow Right Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric. Apply for our open excavator jobs here.

Not seeing a current opening for you? We always make room for the right people. We encourage you to still email us at careers@FlowRightPHI.com with your application.

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