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Trade Jobs Women

trade jobs for women

Trade Jobs for Women in Colorado Springs and Pueblo

Flow Right Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric is proud to offer skilled trade jobs for women in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. We are currently hiring for entry-level and experienced roles in plumbing, HVAC, electrical and excavation. If you are an experienced tradeswoman seeking a new career opportunity with an honest, fair and supportive company, Flow Right is looking for you! We are also looking for entry-level employees to do our part in growing the number of experienced women in the skilled trades.

trade jobs for women

Entry-Level Trade Jobs in Colorado Springs and Pueblo

Entry-level skilled trade jobs present numerous opportunities for women to launch new careers. Women have historically only made up 10% of the trade workforce and recent labor shortages have increased the push for contractors and companies to recruit women to their teams. With this new demand, more women than ever before are launching new careers in the skilled trades. Who is applying for these jobs?

  • Homemakers moving into the workforce for the first time.
  • Minimum wage workers seeking better paying jobs and stable careers.
  • Women transitioning from the armed forces to civilian careers.
  • College graduates seeking opportunities outside of corporate employment.
  • High school graduates who are not on the college trajectory.
  • Other women from all walks of life who want a new start.

Paid Trade Internships for Women in Colorado Springs and Pueblo

If you want to get your start in the trades but aren’t quite sure which direction you want to take your future, Flow Right offers paid trade internship job opportunities in both Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Our internships allow you to sample multiple trades while being paid to learn. Discover which trade aligns best with your natural talents and goals for the future. You will work with inspiring mentors with years of experience in the field, gaining hands-on experience. After completing your internship, you will be prepared to transition to an apprenticeship at Flow Right.

Paid Skilled Trade Apprenticeships for Women in Colorado Springs and Pueblo

You don’t have to begin with an internship – Flow Right also offers a paid skilled trade apprenticeship program where you can begin with minimal experience. Apprenticeships at Flow Right are designed to help you gain experience and achieve your advanced certifications. Our hands-on training in the best skilled trades for women right now is comprehensive and geared toward growth. While you are trained, you will earn hours that will count toward your journeyperson certification. Apprenticeships encompass all aspects of the selected trade, from specific skills to customer service to estimation and more. You will encounter a variety of projects that increase your knowledge and experience as you work to achieve your goals.

Plumbing, HVAC, Electrical and Excavation Jobs for Experienced Tradeswomen

If you’re already trained in your trade, Flow Right has well-paying jobs for women experienced in the trades of plumbing, HVAC, electrical and excavation in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. We offer continuing education options to help you continue advancing your career and certifications. Flow Right provides stable, competitive salaries and benefits, a friendly work environment and stable working hours.

Experienced trade professionals can make competitive salaries at Flow Right and continue their education. At Flow Right, we encourage our employees to advance in their chosen field and achieve the highest level of certification possible. Not only that, we look to our employees to fill leadership roles within the company, providing additional ways to advance after you have reached your goals.

  • Advanced
  • Apprentices
  • Journeypeople
  • Trade Masters
  • Supervisor/General Manager
  • Foreman
  • Mentor
  • Trainer
  • And more!

The Benefits of Working in the Skilled Trades for Women

The skilled trades offer many benefits to women who want stable careers that pay a living wage. Whether you are a single woman supporting yourself, a mother raising a family or anyone else trying to make a living, there are numerous reasons to pursue or advance your career in the skilled trades.

Competitive Pay and High Earning Potential

The growing need for skilled trade professionals translates to competitive pay and high earning potential for both women entering the industry and experienced tradeswomen. That is excellent news for women who want to increase their earning potential. The Department of Labor has shown an increase in hiring for most trade professions, which means higher salaries for those with critical trade skills.

trade jobs women electrican

Job Security

Skilled trade jobs are in demand throughout the United States and particularly right here in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Both cities are building at a rapid pace and they need experienced tradespeople to get the work done. National studies predict that 40% of the existing construction labor force will retire in the next decade. Additionally, 86% of Colorado construction companies and contractors plan to hire new employees this year alone. The shortage means that skilled trade jobs must be filled to stay on pace with growth. What does that mean for you? It means more stability, more need for your skills and more leverage for getting paid what you are worth.

Learn as You Earn

Every hour you work on the job increases your earning potential in the future. That is because every hour spent working in your trade counts towards hours and certifications that allow you to advance. Trades offer some of the highest paying jobs for individuals without a college education. Women in trade jobs get hands-on experience every day while being paid a salary, as opposed to working, attending school and caring for loved ones. Every day is different in the skilled trades, presenting new opportunities to expand your skills without sacrificing crucial income to support yourself and your family.

A Career that Moves with You

A skilled trade is not a job that is specific to one region, making it a career that moves with you. While you may have to re-apply for certifications in new states, you will still be able to take this career wherever you move. Not only that, tradespeople are needed in every area of the United States. That means there is a higher likelihood of finding a new job quickly when you move to your new home. Skilled trades can be great careers for military spouses or others in situations where they move every few years.

Why Choose Flow Right to Start or Advance Your Career as a Woman in the Trades?

Flow Right pays competitive salaries and offers reasonable working hours that allow you to balance your career and daily life. We provide benefits to our full-time employees and support continuing education to advance your skills. Our work environment is respectful and our focus on workplace safety is second to none.

  • Dental
  • Medical
  • Paid time off packages
  • Life insurance
  • Sick time
  • Paid holidays
  • Incentive pay programs
  • 401(k) plans with up to 3% matching
  • Full-time and part-time opportunities
  • Support for advancement within Flow Right
  • Support for obtaining certifications
  • Advanced training within every level of trade
  • Expansive training in quality customer service and other applicable interpersonal skills
  • Friendly employees
  • Competitive salaries
  • Benefits for full-time employee
  • Positive work environment
  • Continuing education
  • Dynamic teamwork

Skilled Trade Careers for Women Available at Flow Right

Plumbing Careers at Flow Right HVAC Careers at Flow Right
• Plumbing Internship • HVAC Internship
• Plumbing Apprenticeship • HVAC Apprenticeship
• Journeymen Plumbing Jobs • Journeyperson HVAC Jobs
• Master Plumber Jobs • Master Mechanical Jobs
Commercial Plumbing Jobs • Commercial HVAC Jobs
• Residential Plumbing Jobs • Residential HVAC Jobs
Plumbing Careers at Flow Right Excavation at Flow Right
• Plumbing Internship • HVAC Internship
• Plumbing Apprenticeship • HVAC Apprenticeship
• Journeymen Plumbing Jobs • Journeyperson HVAC Jobs
• Master Plumber Jobs • Master Mechanical Jobs
Commercial Plumbing Jobs • Commercial HVAC Jobs
• Residential Plumbing Jobs • Residential HVAC Jobs

Resources for Women in the Trades

Looking for support in your career in the trades? We have some links that might help! We want all of our employees to have the support they need to advance in their careers.

Join the Flow Right Team in Colorado Springs or Pueblo!

low Right has some of the best trade jobs for women in Colorado Springs and Pueblo. Apply to be a part of our team and build a stable, lasting career with a company that supports your growth and your future goals.

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