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Leak Detection Services

Pipe leaks are a common plumbing problem that can cause significant damage if you don’t take care of them quickly and properly. If you have kitchen pipes leaking or think you need leak detection services then it is critical to contact an expert plumber who can help you prevent extensive damage by acting swiftly. Flow Right has over 150 years of combined experience in the plumbing industry and our water leak detection specialists are ready 24/7 to locate your problem.

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Smart home technology is changing the way we think about home security and in-home conveniences. Companies like Vivint and Ring are beginning to offer water sensors and flood detectors into their smart home repertoire. These water leak detector smart home add ons will perform precautionary actions like automatically shut off valves if a leak is detected and monitor room temperature to avoid frozen pipes. Even though there are seemingly countless devices to detect leaks today, nothing can stand up to a professional using tried and true techniques. Either way, if you are suspicious of a water leak in your home, it is important to have a professional to handle the leaking pipes. Most homeowners don’t know how to fix leaking pipes and Flow Right has the experience to minimize damage to your home when a slab leak repair is necessary.

Slab leaks can happen for a number of reasons. Generally, this situation occurs when the water or sewer lines under your home have degraded over time or have been damaged. If left unattended, you may end up facing thousands of dollars in water damage repairs and structural damage repairs. If you’re wondering what are the signs of a slab leak? Then it is probably best to call a professional plumber. Flow Right can come to your home and perform slab leak diagnostics services in your drain line system. Then our plumbing technician will tell you about the slab leak repair process and give you an estimate on how long it will take to repair and how much the water leak repair will cost.

  • The sound of water running when all water is turned off
  • A sudden spike in your water bill
  • A spinning water meter, even though all the water is turned off
  • Water pooling where it shouldn’t be
  • Damp carpet or warped hardwood flooring
  • Mildew or mold that can be seen or smelled
  • The smell of sewage
  • The hot water heater is constantly running
  • Areas of the floor are suddenly hotter than other parts
  • A recent bug problem occurred due to additional groundwater
  • If you have turned off your water and the water meter is still running

Flow Right provides great slab leak detection and repair services. If you suspect a slab leak or a water leak in your home, call your local Flow Right plumber for an inspection.

Residential Leak Detection Services

One of the biggest threats to a home’s integrity is hidden water leaks. Not every household water leak will be immediately obvious or visible. Sometimes leaks will go on for years and cause a lot of hidden damage to your home requiring thousands of dollars to repair. 

Some common areas where the leak may not be easily detected by sight or touch include water supply lines running to your toilets, showers, bathtubs, or sinks. These slow running leaks might be really challenging for you to identify before extensive damage has occurred. If you think there are water pipes leaking in your home then call Flow Right Plumbing to schedule your water leak detection services in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and surrounding areas.

Water Main Leak Detection Services

One of the increasingly important leak detection services we offer is focused on municipal utilities like city water. Flow Right can help any city or homeowner face aging pipes and degrading water supply lines and sewer lines.

For preventative maintenance, we can inspect the city drain or sewer lines for any issues that may have developed over time. That means we can locate leaks in the sewer lines that run along city streets, as well as main and lateral lines running into any building or house. If you think there is a leak in the water main supply line or sewer line coming from your home then it is critical to call a plumbing company like Flow Right to assess the situation.  We offer 24/7 dispatch services and can give you peace of mind any time of day that you’re in good hands and we will get the job done right the first time.

Leak Detection Services Near Me

If your searching for water leak detection services near me then you’ve come to the right place. Flow Right provides leak detection in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, and surrounding areas. We have the experience you need to repair the water leak in your home. Whenever you find your kitchen sink pipes leaking, or if you think there are leaking shower pipes in walls or floors of your bathroom, be sure to give us a call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  

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Diamond S
Diamond S
Google Review
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We had a leak in our basement that caused a trip in our power circuit as well. Greg M. came out an hour after the call and he was great! Very knowledgeable, personable, and efficient. He did an amazing job cross servicing and getting us in contact with someone to look at our electric too. He definitely went over and beyond our needs! Would recommend a thousand times over!
Jim Foute
Jim Foute
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Ramon arrived within 20 minutes after calling on a Saturday and fixed our drain problems and repaired a leak. My wife and I cannot be more grateful for our Flow-Right technicians professionalism and knowledge . We highly recommend Flow-Right !
Abigail Lovato
Abigail Lovato
Google Review
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Greg Martinez was our plumber!! We had a leak our the kitchen sink and and my 2 shut did not work properly. We had to call in the city and boss to come turn off the main shut off and in that process Greg stayed under my sink to hold off the pressure till the main was off!!! He was wet but did not complain bout it!!! He replaced the elbow and fitting that were cracked and put a new shut off under the sink!! I highly recommend flow right for any pumping, heating and cooling!!!
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