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HVAC Jobs in Colorado Springs and Pueblo

Are you looking for an HVAC job in Colorado Springs or Pueblo? Flow Right HVAC, Heating, Cooling and Electric is looking for qualified HVAC service technicians to join our dynamic home services team. Are you an entry-level HVAC professional or looking for a way to enter the industry? Flow Right is also hiring new team members for our paid internship and apprenticeship programs.

Flow Right is a leading home services and HVAC company operating in Pueblo, Colorado Springs and the surrounding Southern Colorado area. We provide valuable heating, cooling and ventilation services to residents and business owners and we would love for you to join our team.

Click here to find open HVAC jobs in Colorado Springs and Pueblo.

Flow Right HVAC Job Options

Flow Right offers the following HVAC job opportunities to applicants:

  • HVAC Internship
  • HVAC Apprentice Jobs
  • Journeyperson HVAC Jobs
  • Master Mechanical Jobs
  • Commercial HVAC Jobs
  • Residential HVAC Jobs

Why Should You Work at Flow Right?

Flow Right provides a positive work environment with support for growth at all phases of your HVAC career. We value our employees and the critical contributions they make to our business. We develop long-lasting relationships founded in trust and mutual respect.

  • Benefits for full-time employees
  • Advanced training within every level of trade
  • Expansive training in quality customer service and other applicable interpersonal skills
  • Friendly employees
  • Competitive salaries
  • Benefits for full-time employee
  • Full-time and part-time opportunities
  • Support for advancement within Flow Right
  • Support for obtaining certifications
  • Positive work environment
  • Continuing education
  • Dynamic teamwork

HVAC Internships and Apprenticeships

Flow Right offers HVAC apprenticeships and internships to those interested in pursuing a career in this valuable trade. The home services industry is in desperate need of qualified, well-trained HVAC professionals to fill a variety of roles. The opportunities are part of Flow Right’s commitment to elevating vocational jobs and showing their important role in our businesses and communities.

Paid Internships

Our paid internship programs include spring, summer and fall options that range from 8-12 weeks in length. Flow Right provides interns with the opportunity to sample multiple trades during the programs. Our program instruction also includes workplace safety training, customer services skills and maintaining a positive and respectful work environment. We are one of the few HVAC companies providing such a valuable opportunity.

In addition to our hands-on instruction, all of our internships are paid. We respect the work of every employee on our team. We believe that interns are professionals who deserve the respect of their fellow employees and fair pay for their work.

Learn more about our paid electrical, HVAC, excavating and plumbing internships on our skilled trade internships page.

Paid HVAC Apprenticeships

Flow Right’s HVAC apprenticeship program is designed to fulfill mandated requirements for further advancement in the field of HVAC. Certification requires thousands of hours of HVAC technician training, which they will receive during their time as a Flow Right HVAC apprentice.

Flow Right’s paid four-year apprenticeships include hands-on experience working on a variety of residential and commercial HVAC projects. Apprentices are supervised and supported by knowledgeable professionals with years of experience in the trade. HVAC apprentices are provided additional training in skills such as customer engagement, estimates, project management and OSHA requirements. Flow Right is proud to offer this opportunity to aspiring HVAC professionals to create a new wave of well-trained technicians ready to meet the high demand for their services.

Flow Right also hires many of our apprentices as journeymen after they achieve their certifications. Learn more about our HVAC apprenticeships here.

Frequently Asked Questions About HVAC Jobs

Does Flow Right offer HVAC jobs near me?
Flow Right has HVAC job openings, entry-level HVAC jobs/apprentice HVAC jobs, internships and other openings in both our Pueblo and Colorado Springs locations. For many entry-level HVAC jobs, no experience is necessary. Please see our jobs page for more information on our open positions and their requirements. You may also apply for positions on that page.
Is HVAC a dangerous job?
Flow Right provides thorough training to ensure that all HVAC technicians follow safety protocols at all times. While working with flammable gasses or in confined spaces could not necessarily be considered 100% “safe,” Flow Right works tirelessly to ensure our employees are protected through proper instruction.
Is HVAC a good job?
We like to think that HVAC is one of the best jobs around. It is a fulfilling career that provides a necessary service in our community. Not only that, it’s challenging and engaging, with opportunities to think strategically and problem-solve creatively while still performing in accordance with codes and adherence to proper HVAC safety requirements.
Are HVAC jobs in demand?
Yes, HVAC jobs are in demand! Heating, cooling and ventilation are some of the most important services we offer at Flow Right. In a city with cold winters, like Colorado Springs, the loss of heat could be deadly. Alternatively, a working furnace that leaks can be dangerous and costly. In places like Pueblo, where the summer heat can be scorching hot, air conditioning is not a luxury, especially for the young and the elderly. Our state needs more technicians than ever to deliver these services to the community.
Do you offer part-time HVAC jobs?
Please check our jobs page for the most up-to-date information on available positions.
Does Flow Right hire high schoolers?
Yes, Flow Right does offer jobs to high school students via our vocational internship. We also offer internships to college students, separated military personnel or anyone who wishes to pursue a career in a trade.
How much does an HVAC tech make?
Check out our jobs page to learn more about pay opportunities for our open roles. Flow Right offers competitive salaries commensurate with experience.

Come Work with Flow Right HVAC, Heating, Cooling and Electric!

Start the next phase of your career as an HVAC professional with Flow Right Plumbing, Heating, Cooling and Electric. Check out our list of current HVAC jobs in Pueblo and Colorado Springs. We look forward to reviewing your application.

Not seeing a current opening for you? We always make room for the right people. We encourage you to still email us at careers@FlowRightPHI.com with your application.

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